Our company provides consulting services in the field of tenders arrangement, analysis of tax risks, as well as in the field of transport logistics. We not only prepare an application for participation in the tender, but also undertake the decisions of all the arising legal issues from the moment of filing an application until the payment of the executed contract, including representation in the antimonopoly and judicial bodies, if required.

Cooperation with our company in the field of tax risks will prevent unintended effects. You can take measures to instantaneous remedy of defaults.

In the field of transport logistics, cooperation with our company will help the transport organization to work out a development strategy in the long, medium and short term, determine methods for achieving its goals, taking into account the internal capabilities of the enterprise and the influence of the external environment, increase the efficiency of transport and the competitiveness of the enterprise in the transport market services.



The ITcrew team is also represented by specialists in the field of management and consulting. Our employees have vast managing experience in financial and legal companies, as well as in the companies of the trading, consulting and information technology sphere.

As you know, any business needs a good client base. Therefore, entrepreneurs are constantly trying different types of advertising and marketing tricks in order to attract new customers. But in the face of stiff competition, known methods may not be enough. We offer to make use of our specialists services to find new customers for your business. We use an individual approach without ready-made solutions.

ITcrew sphere of business includes consulting services aw sell. Our consultations cover a wide range of issues - from restoring order in its own finances to business strategy development. Our specialists can develop and prepare regulations and documentation for working with clients in your enterprise. We also arrange trainings on the topic “Increase in sales”, where our specialists will share their experience.



The key point of IT outsourcing is the transfer of work on the maintenance of corporate information systems (both separate and the entire complex) for execution by third-party specialists. Under the condition of tough competition in the market , it is necessary to keep information systems up to date. ITcrew provides the following services in the field of IT outsourcing: IT infrastructure support (support for Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD operating systems, various types of Linux, Windows, support of server equipment, support of DBMS); IT system support in 8x5, 8x7 and 24x7 modes; IT system support in 8x5, 8x7 and 24x7 modes; Management of applications (database administration, Internet communications management); Testing, preparation and implementation of changes in production environments; Work with user complaints and the troubleshooting.



The competitive ability and economic efficiency of each modern company depends on the availability, integrity and confidentiality of business information. Its loss may lead to substantial financial losses and costs in public image. The most efficient method of solving this problem is to build a unified effective information security system. ITCrew offers retail, wholesale and distribution companies a full range of services for the organization of business processes, implementation and further support of information security systems.




Often, many companies have specific business processes, the automation of which is impossible with using the ready-made software solutions, moreover, they are not always the optimal solution for non-standard tasks. In the event of such cases, the best way out is to use custom-designed information systems which is the excellent supplement to the implementation of replicable software products. Customised development mostly often is used to solve such tasks as: Automation of non-standard and unique business processes; Integration between information systems; Refinement of existing information systems.



Before starting any project, our consultants examine and analyze the environment of the infrastructure and the needs of the customer’s business. This allows to optimize the cost of implementing information systems and select the most appropriate IT solutions.

The work consists of the following stages:

Review and analysis of customer’s needs;

Optimization of costs for the implementation of information technologies, solutions within the company;

Enhancement of efficiency of business processes;

Enhancement of the controllability , transparency of the organization activity.

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